After-Sales Service

After-Sales Service

Offers M3S

M3S has specialized in the maintenance of computer peripherals for over 30 years. Extended to a wide range of products, M3S offers you its skills in terms of troubleshooting, diagnosis, expertise, logistics, and fault detection, repair and delivery of your peripherals on time. Discover our workshops and our technical skills

La maintenance et la réparation des appareils vidéo, c’est l’activité phare de M3S car cette activité remonte au début de l’existence de l’entreprise. C’est donc avec beaucoup de savoir-faire que nous assurons la maintenance et la réparation de tous les appareils de projections vidéo : moniteurs informatiques (écrans plats ou plasma), vidéoprojecteurs et rétroprojecteurs.

Nous disposons d’une batterie d’équipements de mesure de colorimétrie et d’appareils de test spécifiques à la réparation et à la maintenance de ces différents produits vidéos.

Flat screens

Flat screen technology has no secrets for M3S. All the components of these products can be repaired in record time. These fragile products require great care and dexterity on the part of our technicians.

plasma screen

Plasma screen technology is now familiar in our workshops. The specific problems linked to the handling of plasma screens (weight and great fragility) are solved by a particularly efficient packaging and transport system.

Videos and retro projectors

We repair video projectors of all brands as well as overhead projectors. These highly technical devices are mastered by our specially trained technicians.


M3S is THE specialist in printer maintenance of all brands. M3S offers you its wide range of skills, from the repair of inkjet, dot-matrix, laser and sublimation printers.

We use the latest technologies and our unique know-how, allows us to guarantee a level of quality and requirement specific to our house.

This maintenance is accompanied by an efficient logistics service which allows rapid deliveries everywhere in France.

Computers and tablets

M3S specializes in the repair of laptops and tablets. Come see us if your computer crashes, we will do our best to fix it.

This maintenance is accompanied by an efficient logistics service thanks to our partnerships with quality carriers which allows fast deliveries everywhere in France.

Wine bars

Are you having problems with your Eurocave wine bar? M3S to the solution. Our specially trained technicians are approved by Eurocave for the repair of your WineArt wine bar.

M3S and WINEART, a winning combination and the assurance of a wine with a perfect tasting temperature that will deliver all its aromas *.

* alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health consume in moderation

Tout est réparable

Cameras, camera, car keys, VR headsets, game consoles, joysticks, Bluetooth speaker ...

Contrary to popular belief, your electronic and computer devices are generally repairable for a reasonable cost.

Our goal is to provide you with the best service